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Home With You Tonight (2009)Weston Hinson & By FaithCountry Gospel
Let's Have Some Church (2012)Weston & Christy HinsonCountry Gospel
Tribute to The Original Hinsons (2014)The Hinson FamilyCountry Gospel
Hymns (2016)The Hinson FamilyGospel
Just Announced: Branson, MO - Aug 16 at Silver Dollar City https://t.co/rbB4izPrub
2 days ago
Just Announced: Branson, MO - Aug 14 at Silver Dollar City https://t.co/Zi6rojImwW
2 days ago
Today: Kaufman, TX - Jan 15 at Kaufman County Christian Ce... https://t.co/9wlFdfcYhR
4 days ago
Today: Sanger, TX - Jan 15 at Freedom Life Church https://t.co/y33ryF8sZa
4 days ago
Today: Ranger, TX - Jan 14 at Second Baptist Church https://t.co/KB9ReNV5UZ
5 days ago
Just Announced: Broken Arrow, OK - Jul 2 at Grace Free Wi... https://t.co/XxeLYcAqBx
6 days ago
Just Announced: Hamilton, AL - Sep 10 at Hope Alive Worsh... https://t.co/glGFY2fBaW
6 days ago
Just Announced: Magee, MS - May 6 at Magee High School https://t.co/HlcJpI345r
6 days ago
Just Announced: Donaldsonville, GA - Apr 30 at Donalsonvi... https://t.co/sONJR28ERK
6 days ago
Just Announced: Paris, TX - Apr 16 at Life Church https://t.co/t6TZdFvQ2L
6 days ago



Boundless.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, this word is an adjective that is defined as not being limited in any way: having no boundaries.

That is exactly the word that best describes the capacity in musical talents and bright future of The Hinson Family.  Since the birth of this dynamic Christian Music group each year has shown tremendous growth in popularity and footprint in Gospel Music industry.  Since their humble beginnings, The Hinson Family has since established themselves as a group that has the longevity to be around for a long time and has the adaptability to produce a current sound that appeals to a broad fan base and demographic.

From California to New York, and everywhere in-between, the reaction at each concert has been a resounding echo lauding the unique sound for which The Hinson Family has become known.  For those already familiar with the world of Christian and Gospel music a common phrase used to describe their sound usually comes across something like, ”They sound so much like the Original Hinsons, but they have created a sound that is all their own and I can’t get enough.”  Still, there are those along the way in churches or concert venues that have yet become acquainted with the inspirational themed music of the church and often times their reaction comes with a smile from ear to ear as though they had found a prize in an unexpected place and they say things like, “I never thought I would like Christian or Gospel music until I heard The Hinson Family.  Their music belongs on the radio today and everyone needs to hear it.”

As their success continues to build and they are sharing the stage with a variety of hugely popular artists from different genres of gospel, they are gaining the accolades of their musical peers as well:

Jason Crabb (Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist) – “Love their sound. Great voices and great music. More than all of that they have the heart for Gods people. You will be blessed anytime you get a chance to see them. God has truly left his touch on their lives. Glad to call them my friends!”

Rebecca Lynn Howard (Award Winning Country Music Artist) – “Hearing The Hinson Family sing is a flood to my soul! The anointing their voices carry is uncontainable! Weston is a true “Chip off the ol’ block,” as you are shaken by the familiar tones and vocal moves of his voice, it’s apparent that his late father, Kenny Hinson, has passed the mantle on to him. Weston’s wife Christy brings a fresh anointing of her own as her incredible range pierces the heart of all who are listening. Their blend is superb. Their song choices are always on point and their delivery is Holy Ghost inspired!”

Bruce Minchey (Major Promoter in Dallas/Ft Worth Area) – “It is a pleasure to work with The Hinson Family!  They do an excellent job continuing the music of The Original Hinsons mixed with their own original songs.  As a promoter, I appreciate their professionalism and creativity in helping promote their concerts.  I highly recommend The Hinson Family!”

By 2013, The Hinson Family had grown from being a Husband and Wife duo to a Family Trio as their 16 year old daughter Jordan, joined in April of that year.  Jordy, as she is lovingly called by those close to her, has won many fans with her smooth vocal style that many have likened to Country Music legend Connie Smith with a touch of bluegrass.  At the tender age of 17 Jordy wrote her first song entitled, “You’re Forgiven.”  This song has been slated to be recorded on the next recording to be produced.  With a premium value put on songwriting and originality this group looks to have staying power and potential for songs to do more than just top the charts.  In 2014, The Hinson Family (Then Called “Weston & Christy Hinson) was honored with several nominations for Diamond Awards.  Those nominations include a top 5 for favorite recording “Let’s Have Some Church,” Weston was nominated in the top 5 for “Male Vocalist of the Year” along with Jason Crabb, Jeff Easter, and others.  Christy was also nominated for “Songwriter of the Year” for her contribution of 6 original songs on “Let’s Have Some Church.”

In 2015 and beyond, The Hinson Family are looking to make a bigger splash on a bigger scene.  When asked about the group’s comparisons to his family The Original Hinsons, Weston had this to say, “We aren’t trying to be the Original Hinsons or any other group that has inspired us…what we’re trying to do is take what we’ve learned from those phenomenal artists and build something even bigger.  That’s the purpose of a foundation…to build on it, and that’s how we view our heritage…as a cornerstone from which we can build on their successes and learn from their hard work and determination.”  This group feels that there isn’t anything that they cannot accomplish both musically and professionally.  In one word, what best describes the future for The Hinson Family…”BOUNDLESS!”



Weston Hinson

Lead Vocal


At almost 6'6'', Weston is the tallest member of the entire Hinson Family. He is also an avid music producer and graphic designer.
weston frame

If there has ever been a name that is synonymous within an industry, the name Hinson would be as such to Gospel Music. Through nearly three decades, the Original Hinsons spread their message of joy, victory, and good ol’ campmeeting through their exciting and unique presentation of the gospel. Weston is building on the heritage and foundation left to him by his father, the late Kenny Hinson of the Original Hinsons. It is through this legacy Weston feels God has enabled him to have a voice to a lost and dying world. Though an undeniable and inevitable comparison between himself and the distinct vocal sound of his father is to be expected, Weston understands that there will never be another Kenny Hinson, but instead hopes to pick up the mantle and carry the torch that his father passed to him. Weston is proud to be a part of a family who fears God, carries out the work of the Lord, and believes that the Lord has mighty plans for this next generation of Hinson ministry. Through the union of Weston and his wife Christy, God has blessed the family once again with the anointing for writing and singing songs that will tug at your heart and bring a new excitement to an old time feelin’.


Christy Hinson

Songwriter and Soprano Vocals


Christy is an accomplished songwriter with songs recorded by multiple groups across the Gospel Music genre. She is also an aspiring photographer.
christy frame

As a child, Christy had always desired to be a singer but through a battle with hearing loss since her birth, found it difficult to hear the parts. However, God had a plan for this little girl’s life. With her mom’s gospel group, “The Harvest Masters” needing a soprano singer, they stumbled across a teenaged girl who had been healed & was singing the vacant part. Connie, Christy’s mom, saw the potential in her baby girl, and worked with her to bring out the God given talent within her. Since that moment, Christy has become one of the most anointed and prolific female vocalists in Gospel music. Her talents as a songwriter are another of her incredible abilities that bring hope and healing to those in need of a dose of good news. Writing her first song at the tender age of 9 years old, Christy knew exactly what God had created her to do from a very young age, and she is excited to be joining her husband Weston to see what God has for the future!!


Jordan Honea

Alto Vocals


Jordan is affectionately known by friends and family as ``Jordy.`` Jordy is an aspiring pianist and guitar player. Jordy has also written a few songs of her own CLICK FOR MORE
jordy frame

Jordan is the daughter to Weston & Christy Hinson and is also the newcomer to the group.  However, Jordan is no beginner at singing.  She has been singing harmony since she was 7 years old.  Her natural ear for harmony and her rich smooth voice has been the perfect addition for the blend of the group.  Family harmony groups are always popular among most every audience.  As she has traveled across the country and met people from all different walks of life, people everywhere have grown to love Jordan as her sweet spirit has been able gain a spot in the hearts of listeners everywhere.  When asked the reason for following in her parents ministry her response was simple yet powerful as her reply was, “I feel that God can use me to reach people in this generation for Jesus that maybe would otherwise not be reached.”  With her focus on winning souls and reaching the younger generation for Jesus, Jordan has a long road ahead in ministry and music!






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