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The Hinson Family


It’s a Hinson thing, you wouldn’t understand.


Lead VocalsWeston Hinson

I am Weston Hinson. I grew up with a dad who was an Icon to SGM “Kenny Hinson” and a mom, “Deborah Willis” who rooted and grounded me in the WORD OF GOD. So I know that I was raised in the fear of the Lord, and I couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing! I am now married to the most beautiful women in the entire world and have to beautiful step-daughters that are as talented and wonderful as the day is long! I couldn’t have asked for more from God. Every test I’ve taken, every tear I’ve cried, and every storm I’ve made it through has lead me to where I am today…and I would walk right back through it all to get what I have today and be who I am today!


Soprano VocalsChristy Hinson

Since the age of 15, Christy has been singing gospel music and pouring her heart into the craft that she loves so much.  Her mother, Connie, had a gospel group in the 1970s called, “The Harvest Masters” to which Christy would, years later, become the soprano vocalist.  Christy also discovered at a young age that she had a gift for song writing, and would adapt that talent to become one of the greatest writers in gospel music today.  She credits God with giving her this talent and says that she is always looking for the next inspiration that God will use to bring out another song from her heart.


AltoJordy Hinson

Jordy is the daughter of Weston & Christy Hinson.  She began traveling full time in Gospel Music at the age of 16.  Jordy has a very diverse background in gospel and loves to sing all different styles.  Much like her mother, Christy, she is also a talented songwriter.  During her spare time, Jordy is always hard at work playing guitar and watching The Golden Girls.


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