Hold to the Call

Though times get difficult…I choose not to complain and remain in my problems, but to see that all of life’s trials are just another step through the journey. Life may feel like it’s always going uphill, but just remember that you can always look back and see that you’re higher now than you were before you took the step. Praise God for those of you who are a shield for one another, and will choose to uphold integrity in the middle of a crisis. The enemy of our souls likes to use crisis as the perfect opportunity to cause division and discord among the brethren, but I for one will not stand for it. I declare, as Joshua did looking at the children of Israel, that “As for me and my house, we WILL SERVE THE LORD!”. It may not be popular with everyone that we serve him, and some may not agree with the method that we use, but we stand firm and resolute on the premise that we have a job to do in the Kingdom of God and if none go with us, we shall still follow! If you believe you have a calling of God on your life, take this to heart and forward this to someone you might think could benefit from this encouragement…KEEP PRESSING ON!!!!